Ever since he was a child, David knew he wanted to be the best at something, but wasn't sure what, his musical career started at the tender age of ten where he was a member of the former Halifax Minster church choir, it was here David was offered an opportunity to learn to play the piano and it quickly became apparent that although an able music reader, he had a rare gift and talent that allowed him to play almost any musical selection he hears without the aid of written music.

like many people who have a passion in life, David committed himself to studying hard and taking all of the positive opportunities that came his way, he starting piano lessons at a very young age and spent the next decade developing his skills as a competent pianist.

Today, David is a international award winning contemporary piano artist , songwriter & composer who performs professionally at some of the most prestigious venues throughout the UK and overseas, he continues to use his ability to play by ear and amazing musical talent to perform beautiful piano renditions of the very latest music currently found in today’s charts, David also works alongside professional singer / songwriter Vicky Fallon as duo act, Fallon & Robertshaw, a stunning piano / vocal collaboration to add a real sense of sophistication to any upmarket wedding or event.

David looks to express feeling and emotion within his music with a hope to inspire others to contribute bringing a positive outlook to the world.